Return 2 the Ring!

Well sports fans, your momma’s favorite analyst is back from a long break to continue to bring you sports commentary of past and current events. Lets get right back into things with my takes.

  1. King James – Move to LA made sense for his family and his career. I cannot disagree with the King when it seems like he took orders from his Queen! The west will never be the same and this is why I say this. With the addition of James on a very young, athletic roster Magic/Pelinka have assembled the King will make the rest of the west look like the east when he was there. That will be hard for everyone to process however right now at this very minute the Lakers are the second best team in the west (witness the power of the Jabari…FIRST HAND!-Black Panther). The Warriors will loose to the Lakers in the western conference finals next year. This is how LeBron James will close the gap on the MJ comparison even though to yours truly, the FOBZ thinks LeBron is a better player than MJ. This has to be done in this fashion due to LeBron’s early Chip loses and how he allowed Kyrie to walk away. More on this topic on allsportsfan facebook/twitter video commentary.
  2. Tiger Woods – I told you in other post on this blog and in video’s that I thought Tiger was trending upwards with his game. Last week in St. Louis on a Sunday, for the PGA championship, Tiger took us on a ride like never before. I was glued to the TV, my wife was glued to the TV, the gallery following Tiger were “Lit”. Tiger had the red shirt on and the drama was unlike what we have seen in years. No disrespect to the other golfers but they are not Tiger Woods. The day did belong to the new breed of golfer hitting the scene, Brooks Koepka. First this guy is a solid athlete. He’s carved from stone. Koepka hits the ball off the tee so freaking far that he only needs to carry a 9 iron, sand wedge and putter. The issue I have with these athletic golfers is if the can sustain their grip on the PGA like Tiger has? I doubt it but quietly Koepka has won 2 majors this year. If Koepka wins 2 majors next year then he will have cemented his name as the guy to beat. Tiger does not intimidate these young gunners like he used to push around and scare the country club golfers of old. I can see Tiger asking his coach do you think i can beat him? (he’ll knock you into tomorrow rock-Rocky 3).
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo – Has pushed Lionel Messi out of the talk of best soccer player and into a conversation more on the lines of, is Messi even better than Neymar? Point blank Messi cannot show up for the grand stages in competition. He is a great club player however when all the world lights are upon the pitch he cannot be found (hey tony, what do you think happens when you die? You just fade to black-Sopranos). Unlike Ronaldo who even though his teams don’t win it all in the world cup he does have 5 UEFA Champions League titles to Messi’s 3 and a possible (never played in the championship game on the teams first title. Hell, really he is just a shade better than Suarez (do you know who threw the cup? what cup? {a swift kick in the balls}-3 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri).

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