Rapid Fire Five – Da Rundown!


I was on injured reserve for a minute due to several trips to the dentist! So lets get caught up!

First and foremost the “Black Mamba” won a Oscar! Congrats K.O.B.E! Say what you want but Kobe Bryant is a known winner. The short story was more entertaining than what most people thought it was going to be. I also dug his expectance speech when the Mamba took a swipe at the shut up an dribble reporter. Well done!

The Olympics is over and I think it was one of the less fanfare Olympics in a minute. No Bob Costas, this thing called curling, no dominant ice skating duo or individual. This Olympics just didn’t have any star power. Yes Shaun White is a name but he’s the GOAT and is supposed to win but Vonn ehh,  Sigourney ehh. They both bought home a Bronze Medal but were supposed to push for Gold and never did. Now I do think a few new stars were born and their names are Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin and the ENTIRE women’s hockey team. FIRE!! I watched these ladies whenever they were on but the women’s hockey team just had me glued to the tube! They were harder than wood pecker lips, had attitudes, were not cocky but just skated like they had to win the Gold! When it counted goalie Maddie Rooney stood on her head between the pipes!

Rapid Fire Five (RFF)

  1. If the Yankees cant win this year with 200 HR’s from a combined list of Didi, Judge, Sanchez, Bird and Stanton they need to move out of the Bronx to Coney island because they will be the joke of NYC. They are literarily 1 quality arm from winning 115 games this season (which will be their new all time record). There lineup, bullpen is going to be scary! Like the Hansen twins scary!
  2. NCAA Basketball is the 2nd biggest legal racket in America right behind insurance! As Lonzo Ball said “its not a surprise, everyone is getting paid”. My take is kids yes kids fill up arena’s across America that pay for their coach’s and their professor’s salaries but I will hold the rest of my comments for my rant tonight on facebook at allsportsfan.
  3. Lonzo is a better player than we think he is. He may not score a ton but this guy rebounds and throws dimes and he is not turning the ball over like a rookie does. Here is something you cant coach and is why Magic loves this guy. Lonzo makes other players better, I wonder who else does that, hmmm
  4. Deontay Wilder’s heart is bigger than Anthony Joshua’s straight right hand. Wilder showed Saturday that he can get hit and stay the course. He is human and when Joshua sends Parker to night night we should see a much anticipated heavy weight fight…yes heavy weights are back!
  5. Tiger isn’t Tiger of old but he will never be that good again however it is great for golf and us! You can’t take your eyes off the golf GOAT even when he is struggling or launching a tee shot in the gallery. If  Tiger gets his game to be within the top 10 then its good for ratings on Sundays and could almost get you to forget Tiger was found sleeping on his neighbors lawn after his wife used a 3 iron instead of a 5 wood!

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