Post 2 – Serena & Still Talking LeBron…Really???

As I wanted to move on from last week, our royal highness Kang James and his new group of sharpshooters had to go out and embarrass the Celtics in Boston by 20! Their first game together at that. Got to big up the rookie GM for going HAM before the deadline. The fact of the matter is T Lue sent the starters out for some clam chowdah during the fourth quarter and they returned just in time to send Paul “the truth” Pierce into the rafters. Good move Boston, Pierce was with Boston when they were garbage and then the first “big 3” was formed and the rest was history (really big 4 with Rondo). Back on topic…Cavs got quicker, younger and smarter in one week which means it will take the Kang getting hurt for the Cavs to not when the title this year. Big test tonight though if OKC is at full strength.

Is it me or is anyone else not really watching the olympics? Yes, I like Chloe Kim and Shaun White on them boards but it just doesn’t have the appeal like before. Speaking of cold sports…who is better player, Crosby or Ovechkin? I know Crosby has more titles but Ovechkin has more goals and better stats. I like them both but Ovechkin is turning into the Dan Marino/Charles Barkely of his sport. Got to get that chip Alex!

Serena and Venus got back on the court together and Serena was rusty but I loved that she returned. The GOAT was launching lasers in the stands! If her little seed is going to continue to be in the stands she may need a hockey helmet! Serena did have a couple of missile serves so we know she isn’t far from getting back to form. Venus is steady as a rock so it won’t be long before they start knocking off the doubles competition soon, very soon. Tennis without Serena is like golf without Tiger…BORING!

Deuce ?’s

  1. If the LeBron takes is talent elsewhere this summer, where?
  2. Does Yu Darvish make the Cubs the team to beat?



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