NBA Shines…Again

Let me start by saying this, This was the first year in awhile I made it a point to watch all events this weekend. So my queen had to roll her eyes a few times this weekend but hey I got away with it by taking the grand kids to see Black Panther on Friday. Good flick by the way, Cooglar is the next big director on the rise!

The rising stars was a good showcase of young talent in the NBA. Say what you want but talent wise the NBA is in a good place right now there just needs to be a couple of “Kobe killers” to come out the pack.

The skills challenge was interesting but having 2 guys shooting at 1 basket was a little heh for me. The 3 point contest is always my best event and it was perfect to allow guys to put the money balls where they want. It came down to the last rack and I was glued to the TV. The Slam dunk contest was NOT like 2 years ago. It was ok but really not high flying like the last 2 years. We were treated in 2016 with Levine and Gordon and that will need to be run back! However, Donavan Mitchel will be a problem! DJ Khalid has to go! His scoring was garbage! NBA listen…you have more than enough retired veteran players to score the contest. Khalid and Kevin Hart need to fall back out the scene, overexposure can bring on yawing.

The big game with the new format was fitting for this generation of NBA talent. More defense than I every seen. The refs blew the whistle and we almost seen a tech. The halftime show was heh because I’m not a big N.E.R.D or Migos fan but the look of it was tight! The dancers were on point and captivating by the camera work. Can I say this…I really hate how the staples center crowd is in the dark, not a fan and the crowd seems boring.

Back to the game. How can the bum sports writers give anyone but Kang James the MVP…EVERY YEAR! Let your eyeballs tell you the truth. The player who stood above everyone was the oldest guy on the court….Kang James! The guy does it all, leadership, charismatic power and off the charts basketball IQ. The guy is a basketball savant. I mean all the other NBA All star players are 4 through 24. Deeper analysis, there is no number 2 or 3 because thats how far ahead he is. Listen to your eyeballs people. The closet guy to him is Durant at number 4  and uncle Drew at 5 but Embiid is the next up and coming if he can stay somewhat healthy and “Dame Dollar” is a better point and player than Curry, yep I said it…check my work!

My only issue is my age cannot get pass the AAU environment of this generation. Everyone in this league are friends and I can’t understand it but I do respect it. Think of this, I come from an era of basketball that most star players stayed with their teams and were loyal. Example…the story goes, in 1989 when Rick Mahorn was left unprotected and was picked up in the expansion draft by Minnesota Bill Laimbeer called him the enemy during the next season and we all know the history of their basketball thuggery! Their kids and wives had relationships together but when Mahorn was no longer a Piston instantly he became the enemy. This is what I was talking about the Kobe killer mentality. Kobe is the last of the killers even though “uncle drew” is headed on that path, time will tell.

So I think the game was entertaining but my roots and age like East vs West format.




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