Return 2 the Ring!

Well sports fans, your momma’s favorite analyst is back from a long break to continue to bring you sports commentary of past and current events. Lets get right back into things with my takes.

  1. King James – Move to LA made sense for his family and his career. I cannot disagree with the King when it seems like he took orders from his Queen! The west will never be the same and this is why I say this. With the addition of James on a very young, athletic roster Magic/Pelinka have assembled the King will make the rest of the west look like the east when he was there. That will be hard for everyone to process however right now at this very minute the Lakers are the second best team in the west (witness the power of the Jabari…FIRST HAND!-Black Panther). The Warriors will loose to the Lakers in the western conference finals next year. This is how LeBron James will close the gap on the MJ comparison even though to yours truly, the FOBZ thinks LeBron is a better player than MJ. This has to be done in this fashion due to LeBron’s early Chip loses and how he allowed Kyrie to walk away. More on this topic on allsportsfan facebook/twitter video commentary.
  2. Tiger Woods – I told you in other post on this blog and in video’s that I thought Tiger was trending upwards with his game. Last week in St. Louis on a Sunday, for the PGA championship, Tiger took us on a ride like never before. I was glued to the TV, my wife was glued to the TV, the gallery following Tiger were “Lit”. Tiger had the red shirt on and the drama was unlike what we have seen in years. No disrespect to the other golfers but they are not Tiger Woods. The day did belong to the new breed of golfer hitting the scene, Brooks Koepka. First this guy is a solid athlete. He’s carved from stone. Koepka hits the ball off the tee so freaking far that he only needs to carry a 9 iron, sand wedge and putter. The issue I have with these athletic golfers is if the can sustain their grip on the PGA like Tiger has? I doubt it but quietly Koepka has won 2 majors this year. If Koepka wins 2 majors next year then he will have cemented his name as the guy to beat. Tiger does not intimidate these young gunners like he used to push around and scare the country club golfers of old. I can see Tiger asking his coach do you think i can beat him? (he’ll knock you into tomorrow rock-Rocky 3).
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo – Has pushed Lionel Messi out of the talk of best soccer player and into a conversation more on the lines of, is Messi even better than Neymar? Point blank Messi cannot show up for the grand stages in competition. He is a great club player however when all the world lights are upon the pitch he cannot be found (hey tony, what do you think happens when you die? You just fade to black-Sopranos). Unlike Ronaldo who even though his teams don’t win it all in the world cup he does have 5 UEFA Champions League titles to Messi’s 3 and a possible (never played in the championship game on the teams first title. Hell, really he is just a shade better than Suarez (do you know who threw the cup? what cup? {a swift kick in the balls}-3 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri).

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Rapid Fire Five – Da Rundown!


I was on injured reserve for a minute due to several trips to the dentist! So lets get caught up!

First and foremost the “Black Mamba” won a Oscar! Congrats K.O.B.E! Say what you want but Kobe Bryant is a known winner. The short story was more entertaining than what most people thought it was going to be. I also dug his expectance speech when the Mamba took a swipe at the shut up an dribble reporter. Well done!

The Olympics is over and I think it was one of the less fanfare Olympics in a minute. No Bob Costas, this thing called curling, no dominant ice skating duo or individual. This Olympics just didn’t have any star power. Yes Shaun White is a name but he’s the GOAT and is supposed to win but Vonn ehh,  Sigourney ehh. They both bought home a Bronze Medal but were supposed to push for Gold and never did. Now I do think a few new stars were born and their names are Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin and the ENTIRE women’s hockey team. FIRE!! I watched these ladies whenever they were on but the women’s hockey team just had me glued to the tube! They were harder than wood pecker lips, had attitudes, were not cocky but just skated like they had to win the Gold! When it counted goalie Maddie Rooney stood on her head between the pipes!

Rapid Fire Five (RFF)

  1. If the Yankees cant win this year with 200 HR’s from a combined list of Didi, Judge, Sanchez, Bird and Stanton they need to move out of the Bronx to Coney island because they will be the joke of NYC. They are literarily 1 quality arm from winning 115 games this season (which will be their new all time record). There lineup, bullpen is going to be scary! Like the Hansen twins scary!
  2. NCAA Basketball is the 2nd biggest legal racket in America right behind insurance! As Lonzo Ball said “its not a surprise, everyone is getting paid”. My take is kids yes kids fill up arena’s across America that pay for their coach’s and their professor’s salaries but I will hold the rest of my comments for my rant tonight on facebook at allsportsfan.
  3. Lonzo is a better player than we think he is. He may not score a ton but this guy rebounds and throws dimes and he is not turning the ball over like a rookie does. Here is something you cant coach and is why Magic loves this guy. Lonzo makes other players better, I wonder who else does that, hmmm
  4. Deontay Wilder’s heart is bigger than Anthony Joshua’s straight right hand. Wilder showed Saturday that he can get hit and stay the course. He is human and when Joshua sends Parker to night night we should see a much anticipated heavy weight fight…yes heavy weights are back!
  5. Tiger isn’t Tiger of old but he will never be that good again however it is great for golf and us! You can’t take your eyes off the golf GOAT even when he is struggling or launching a tee shot in the gallery. If  Tiger gets his game to be within the top 10 then its good for ratings on Sundays and could almost get you to forget Tiger was found sleeping on his neighbors lawn after his wife used a 3 iron instead of a 5 wood!

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NBA Shines…Again

Let me start by saying this, This was the first year in awhile I made it a point to watch all events this weekend. So my queen had to roll her eyes a few times this weekend but hey I got away with it by taking the grand kids to see Black Panther on Friday. Good flick by the way, Cooglar is the next big director on the rise!

The rising stars was a good showcase of young talent in the NBA. Say what you want but talent wise the NBA is in a good place right now there just needs to be a couple of “Kobe killers” to come out the pack.

The skills challenge was interesting but having 2 guys shooting at 1 basket was a little heh for me. The 3 point contest is always my best event and it was perfect to allow guys to put the money balls where they want. It came down to the last rack and I was glued to the TV. The Slam dunk contest was NOT like 2 years ago. It was ok but really not high flying like the last 2 years. We were treated in 2016 with Levine and Gordon and that will need to be run back! However, Donavan Mitchel will be a problem! DJ Khalid has to go! His scoring was garbage! NBA listen…you have more than enough retired veteran players to score the contest. Khalid and Kevin Hart need to fall back out the scene, overexposure can bring on yawing.

The big game with the new format was fitting for this generation of NBA talent. More defense than I every seen. The refs blew the whistle and we almost seen a tech. The halftime show was heh because I’m not a big N.E.R.D or Migos fan but the look of it was tight! The dancers were on point and captivating by the camera work. Can I say this…I really hate how the staples center crowd is in the dark, not a fan and the crowd seems boring.

Back to the game. How can the bum sports writers give anyone but Kang James the MVP…EVERY YEAR! Let your eyeballs tell you the truth. The player who stood above everyone was the oldest guy on the court….Kang James! The guy does it all, leadership, charismatic power and off the charts basketball IQ. The guy is a basketball savant. I mean all the other NBA All star players are 4 through 24. Deeper analysis, there is no number 2 or 3 because thats how far ahead he is. Listen to your eyeballs people. The closet guy to him is Durant at number 4  and uncle Drew at 5 but Embiid is the next up and coming if he can stay somewhat healthy and “Dame Dollar” is a better point and player than Curry, yep I said it…check my work!

My only issue is my age cannot get pass the AAU environment of this generation. Everyone in this league are friends and I can’t understand it but I do respect it. Think of this, I come from an era of basketball that most star players stayed with their teams and were loyal. Example…the story goes, in 1989 when Rick Mahorn was left unprotected and was picked up in the expansion draft by Minnesota Bill Laimbeer called him the enemy during the next season and we all know the history of their basketball thuggery! Their kids and wives had relationships together but when Mahorn was no longer a Piston instantly he became the enemy. This is what I was talking about the Kobe killer mentality. Kobe is the last of the killers even though “uncle drew” is headed on that path, time will tell.

So I think the game was entertaining but my roots and age like East vs West format.




Post 2 – Serena & Still Talking LeBron…Really???

As I wanted to move on from last week, our royal highness Kang James and his new group of sharpshooters had to go out and embarrass the Celtics in Boston by 20! Their first game together at that. Got to big up the rookie GM for going HAM before the deadline. The fact of the matter is T Lue sent the starters out for some clam chowdah during the fourth quarter and they returned just in time to send Paul “the truth” Pierce into the rafters. Good move Boston, Pierce was with Boston when they were garbage and then the first “big 3” was formed and the rest was history (really big 4 with Rondo). Back on topic…Cavs got quicker, younger and smarter in one week which means it will take the Kang getting hurt for the Cavs to not when the title this year. Big test tonight though if OKC is at full strength.

Is it me or is anyone else not really watching the olympics? Yes, I like Chloe Kim and Shaun White on them boards but it just doesn’t have the appeal like before. Speaking of cold sports…who is better player, Crosby or Ovechkin? I know Crosby has more titles but Ovechkin has more goals and better stats. I like them both but Ovechkin is turning into the Dan Marino/Charles Barkely of his sport. Got to get that chip Alex!

Serena and Venus got back on the court together and Serena was rusty but I loved that she returned. The GOAT was launching lasers in the stands! If her little seed is going to continue to be in the stands she may need a hockey helmet! Serena did have a couple of missile serves so we know she isn’t far from getting back to form. Venus is steady as a rock so it won’t be long before they start knocking off the doubles competition soon, very soon. Tennis without Serena is like golf without Tiger…BORING!

Deuce ?’s

  1. If the LeBron takes is talent elsewhere this summer, where?
  2. Does Yu Darvish make the Cubs the team to beat?



1st Post – Intro 2?’s


Lets get right to it, THE EAGLES DID IT!!!! ( I am a homer though but we all are in some way) Not the best game I have ever seen but definitely one of the better more entertaining games I have watched and I have seen 42 of these games! Hoodie was out coached, Brady threw the ball all over the Philly D who played bend but don’t break defense and visor Dougie P never flenched on 3rd or 4th down. Finally the refs never changed a call made on the field. This was karma for the garbage tuck fumble in the 2001 playoffs against the Raidas! Philly played like they were Doc and NE played like they were Johnny Ringo and we know how that ends…”I’ll be your huckleberry”

Question 1 – Is this the end of the hoodie era?


This is going to sound crazy for people who know me personally but LeBron has to stop whining and get back to winning. As a matter of fact the entire NBA needs to stop crying on every call.  But I digress…back to King James who I think is light years better than MJ…I know 6 rings, whatever…thats for next week during the all-star break, however, King James had a flashback on Wednesday and hit a buzzer beater! Then the “the land” blew up and sent several players to live long and prosper. I am not one for GM’s playing fantasy basketball with real NBA teams but I have to admit “the land” got younger, quicker and deadly from the outside. LeBron is still going to have to show these dudes how to win so I hope he stops whining. I still never pick against the King so he will get to the Finals and beat Houston…yep I said it! No injuries to the King= Cavs in 6!

Question 2 – Is it ok to call a female ref a bitch when arguing a call?


This is the first post for this blog so please respond with appropriate language (I have grand kids who read). I will provide commentary on Tue and Fri with a every other Monday rant on the hottest topics the pro’s are talking about.

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