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Lets get right to it, THE EAGLES DID IT!!!! ( I am a homer though but we all are in some way) Not the best game I have ever seen but definitely one of the better more entertaining games I have watched and I have seen 42 of these games! Hoodie was out coached, Brady threw the ball all over the Philly D who played bend but don’t break defense and visor Dougie P never flenched on 3rd or 4th down. Finally the refs never changed a call made on the field. This was karma for the garbage tuck fumble in the 2001 playoffs against the Raidas! Philly played like they were Doc and NE played like they were Johnny Ringo and we know how that ends…”I’ll be your huckleberry”

Question 1 – Is this the end of the hoodie era?


This is going to sound crazy for people who know me personally but LeBron has to stop whining and get back to winning. As a matter of fact the entire NBA needs to stop crying on every call.  But I digress…back to King James who I think is light years better than MJ…I know 6 rings, whatever…thats for next week during the all-star break, however, King James had a flashback on Wednesday and hit a buzzer beater! Then the “the land” blew up and sent several players to live long and prosper. I am not one for GM’s playing fantasy basketball with real NBA teams but I have to admit “the land” got younger, quicker and deadly from the outside. LeBron is still going to have to show these dudes how to win so I hope he stops whining. I still never pick against the King so he will get to the Finals and beat Houston…yep I said it! No injuries to the King= Cavs in 6!

Question 2 – Is it ok to call a female ref a bitch when arguing a call?


This is the first post for this blog so please respond with appropriate language (I have grand kids who read). I will provide commentary on Tue and Fri with a every other Monday rant on the hottest topics the pro’s are talking about.

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5 thoughts on “1st Post – Intro 2?’s

  1. Fizzle says:

    Yes this is the end of the hoodie era and they had a great run. I was surprised they made it that far this past season. But hats off to them. They were hands down the best team of my time. I still don’t know how they did it. The Eagles have a chance to be that next Dynasty and maybe because I’m a homer I say this but I look at a coach and quarterback that are fearless and a team with no superstars playing for a very passionate fan base. We finally got some respect and we’re out to keep it. And we have leaders to keep that mentality going. The real question that’s been eating at me for quite some time though is why in the hell is Dallas America’s team? And now that my Eagles are Champs do I still hate them more than any team in sports.

    • FOBZ says:

      I can always count on Fizzel to keep it 100! Dallas fans think they are America’s team because their run in the early 90’s have left them feeling entitled. Food for thought…but they talk like its 1996….it’s been 22 years if I’m not mistaken the cowboys have been won a Chip. To add to their suffering its been 22 years and they have 3 playoffs wins since then with 0 NFC Championship appearances. That stings! The Pats are America’s team…for now that is.


  2. Fizzle says:

    It is not ok to call a female ref a bitch however it’s ok to call LeBron one. Much like Brady I respect his career. He’s a stand up hard working athlete who will go down in history as one of the greatest. Hint: there is no greatest player of all time. LeBron is hated by me much like Jordan and Kobe and any other great player was outside of the sixers organization that denied us and any other great nba player a ring. You see LeBron and many others today are sissified! They move around with other stars to create super teams to win titles. To me that’s as bad as cheating. If they’re gonna keep this shit up why not just go with 12 nba teams. I’m done

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